TEDDYBEARS…!!  AMERICAN….!! Younger and some older pups…!!


We have English and American Goldendoodles F1(50/50) in both older and younger..!!

 Very light..Price is 1800.00-2400.00 Ready Now..!! All Shots and worming up to date..!!

Our Goldendoodles are from outstanding stock. We try very hard to cross the calmest sweetest and healthiest dogs to produce the most outstanding family pets. We want smart, healthy and beautiful pups that are easy to train with great temperaments. We almost always breed the F1 (50/50) cross because we have found it to result in the best personality/coat texture. We do have an F1b (3/4 poodle) litter occasionally for the people that need or want a total non-shed. We breed a small standard AKC white poodle male to an American or European AKC Golden Retriever to  produce the best Goldendoodles by far. We are not doing the mini Goldendoodles. We find them to be too hyper in personality for what we want in a quiet family dog. We like a slightly bigger dog (40-65 lbs) with a lower activity level, then a smaller dog (35-45 lbs) that just can’t sit still.

Prices Start at $2000 for darker American Golden and $2400 for the lighter English bred Teddy Bears.


Ready NOW!

American GoldendoodlesStarting at $2000
Teddy BearsStarting at $2400

The Purchase Process

First, we assist you in making the best match for your family. Temperament testing is provided on all our puppies to assist you in this process. We know the personality of each puppy, and after discussing your family situation, we can advise you on which one would best fit your home environment.  It’s also important for you and your family to consider what you hope for in owning a dog. Do you lead an active lifestyle or a quiet one? How much time can you devote to interacting with your dog? Have you had problems with a dog in the past?

Buying Your Puppy

Hidden Mysteries Farm is located in White Post, Virginia. We are conveniently located close to Northern Virigina, Maryland and West Virginia. We require you come in person to pick out your new family member. We don’t ship our babies unless you have come and preselected your puppy. You can reserve puppies in advance with a nonrefundable deposit of $300. We will then hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old. The balance of puppy is due at time of pickup. All advanced puppy picks are in the order of deposits. Most all of our puppies come with a spay/neuter requirement. Full breeding rights are decided on a case-by-case basis.